Happy Early Valentine's Day Everyone!

Although the “Pre-orders” are still open, As I will not be posting tomorrow, I am unboxing the Ryoshi-Sama Valentine 2k20 Face early, at least for the US(Mountain Standard Time Zone). For those that want to show off their Valentine’s Day spirit, here is a nice analog face. It is a nice Rose Gold with crystal hands. This is designed for standard launchers, but I tested both in CSB in UL and both worked. I may do a version for UL with dynamic shadows on the hands and quartz movement, but I want to see if there’s any interest for it, first.
Anyways Here it is:

Hope y’all like it and Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Credits to: Clipart Library and StickPng for the heart and HVD images respectively. I wish I could credit a specific artist, but none were listed for either image.


KW Engine (Kingewar, Lemfo, etc.)
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*X-Series (Finow and Similar)
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