HANG ON SNOOPY! I hope you like it! Credit Peanuts! credit:

A good friend of mine has made this face compatible with stock launcher! Here it is…

I hope you like it!

Credit Peanuts!
credit: https://www.peanuts.com/

Compatible with Eric’s Universal Launcher.
Produced entirely in WFD.



Please use this credit link:

If you make wikipedia watchface, you could use a wikipedia creditlink…

@G1NT0N1C ha ha :slight_smile:

@Louis_Peek great job!!
Thank you

You’re welcome! :grin::grin:

This was at Lowe’s, reminded me of your watch face


Sadly does not work on my prime 2 no snoopy sadly

Which launcher do you use ?
It might only work for the UL, since we are in that section.

Currently using the standard launcher , so that looks like a problem

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Yes, UL have more functions, so faces posted in UL group you cannot expect to work on standard launcher unless stated.

That is really cool. Definitely going to be one of my regulars. (edit if I get around to trying a UL)
Thank you

would be nice to have one standard for android watchfaces , hope that comes one day soon

I’ve send a modified version to @Louis_Peek ,that will work on stocklauncher. Maybe he publish it if he is online the next time. :wink:

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thanks for posting the modified version looks cool on a kospet prime 2