HALO Reach - animated watchskin for Jimmy...

HALO Reach - animated watchskin for Jimmy…

If you want the download you’ll have to get Jimmy’s permission - it’s HIS watch!

Pablo Eleven (Pablo11)
My son - Jimmy (11yrs old) has decided you can all use the skin


Thanks Andrew.
He’s speechless :blush::blush:
Fantastic mate :+1::+1:

hola, como puedo contactar con Jimmy para pedirle la descarga¿? como se apellida para buscarlo

I think the best thing to do is to put your request in this thread… and wait to see what happens :slight_smile:

I like it very much… Not only for the game lovers but its creative and something that fits a digital watch better then all these analog makeovers.
If there is a KW88 version I would like to try it.

Mannnnnn I would love to have one. @Andrew_Davis you outworked yourself once again my friend. Awesome job as always!

Superb technique and humor, we know this is @Andrew_Davis

how we will get the permıssıon from jımmy??

Here’s the animation mock up (it doesn’t show the seconds-radar sweep)… :slight_smile:


Here’s any earlier (very different) version that didn’t really hit the spot :slight_smile:

gracias crack

@Andrew_Davis Can we make a donation like the Fallout clockskin?

@Diego_Torres Hi DT… I made this as a gift for somebody so I won’t be making it available :frowning:

But I might try something else/similar in the future :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis hey mate - can you send me the link for Jimmy on hangouts please? Can’t find it :slight_smile:

I deleted it… to keep exclusively for Jimmy… :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Jimmy, you are lucky man, LOL!

@Diego_Torres Did you download the HALO 3 - ODST?

@Andrew_Davis Yes. I will try it at home later today. Thank you man!

My son - Jimmy (11yrs old) has decided you can all use the skin https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9c-vl8oxm2EOUprYktiRXVqMGs/view?usp=sharing

As long as @Andrew_Davis doesn’t mind :slight_smile: