Had anyone tried using this app with a custom launcher?

Had anyone tried using this app with a custom launcher? Tried using it on my phone and it said firmware unsupported. Haven’t received my watch yet so I’ve got no ability to test it out.

No worries, thanks for the info. I’m currently working on making an app for android that displays these watch faces in the direct center of the device, hopefully I can then make some kind of shortcut to the launcher via the tap gesture. I’ll put up a beta very soon for user who want to test out the watch faces, but gestures and interactivity is still unavailable.

Yeah I tried back when I started all this with K8 / K18. It’s a painful experience and didn’t stay on the watch for long

@Inceptual_Games have a look at what Toni has done with cronosurf. He’s got a fully functional web app, android widget, and working watch app. Check him out at http://cronosurf.com

@SmartWatch_Ticks I did check it out. It ate my battery in a few hours :slight_smile:

Yea, the cronosurf app’s a hungry one for any long use. I was recommending @Inceptual_Games check out how Toni is doing what he is doing as an app developer as an approach to what he wants to do regarding Android apps and watch faces. Could be some code there worthy of exploring/sharing.