Had another close look at SmartWatch Ticks new video where he disconnects the battery

Had another close look at @SmartWatch_Ticks new video where he disconnects the battery from the watch.
At the outer rim where the battery connector goes are two solder/test pads on the pcb. If these are equal to the +/- of the battery that would enable us to replace the specific battery with a generic one.

These batteries are cheap, but that comes sometimes with a price. that price is called Internal Resistance. The battery wil measure 4.25 volts when fully charged, but as soon as the watch is powered on, the internal resistance wil drop the voltage conciderably.

I’ve seen some posts where people have good and some bad battery life experiences. These could be caused by a better or worse internal resistance. Same batch of batteries, cheap production line.

With these two solderpads, you would have the option to cheaply replace the battery. They only cost a few dollars.

I’ll test the pads as soon as I’ve recieved the watch

@Kenneth_Tan ​ very interesting. keep us posted!

Ja broer dat is kikken dit!!!

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Where can I source a battery for my K9? It can’t get more than 4.5 hours even with it sitting idle and essentially all services off. I got it from Gearbest and they want it shipped back, or pay them $70 to ship a new one! Does anyone in the US have an extra they would like to sell me? Thanks, Andy

I’d need to see the inside of the K9 to even guess if it’s possible.
You could open the back cover, lift the battery connector up with a plastic tool (not a metal screwdriver!!! :wink: ) and post a picture of the pcb.
I’m a DIY electronic guy, so I could only give an option to replace it with a generic one.

@Andy_Muchow Yea the scammers at GearBest did the same to me with a new DOA Zeblaze Blitz. I just replaced the battery (externally on the underside of the strap) with a 720 maH LiPO from Amazon (six of them is ~ $18) Lasts all day with display on the whole time.