H2 Vs H1

After 2 weeks of using each I think the H1 is the best fit for me. The functions were better. ie temperature and Barometric pressure.

Radio sensitivity is much better on 2G and 3G with the H1. With the H2 I would have thought that Battery life should be much better on 2G than

on 3G but there appears to be no difference. In fact in poor coverage areas battery consumption is better, where there is no coverage at all the battery life is over 50%

better!!! W.T.F. Explain that to me? Who wrote the firmware? I use my watches as stand alone mobiles with no interest whatever in connecting to my normal smart

jobbies. I thought the Android 5.1 would bring significant improvements in UI but this is not the case. The H2 buttons already show signs of losing

their plating and screen visibility in daylight is poor even as a watch. the strap is uncomfortable and does not lock like the standard H1.

The strap cannot be changed either. H2 Roaming, the watch does not find other networks automatically although it almost always shows a good signal

in this situation. Calling the H2 an Android watch is a bit of a joke, I have an Old DV09 25 Euro jobby and it has louder speaker and much less distortion.

It also came with a working data cable. The H2 cable has the data wires crossed over!! All I wanted was a watch that I could make calls with and

could change the watch face to any picture I liked....................... Smartphone Android Doooh!!  I think I will get a new 2.5" smartphone and be done with it.

I complained to Microwear Support. They were quite helpful about the data transfer problem that I had making lots of suggestions, making me waste a lot of time I should add, installing and uninstalling drivers and software etc. Obviously the problem was down to me …
After ordering a new charging/data cable from another manufacturer and finding that it worked first time, I checked the Original one ( Wired incorrectly) and reported my findings to them. They did not reply for a week or so, when they did they apologised for the delay and told me to contact “MICROWEAR SUPPORT”
Microwear support tell me to contact Microwear support, And I thought I had Dementia!!!