H2 : cannot use GPS apps... No more...

Hi all,
I don’t write a topic since the old forum… Very long time…

I’m still using my beloved H2. But recently I suppose that something has changed in the code of several APPs, specially of GPS APPs.

When trying to install the APP, the system says “APP NOT INSTALLED” with a ‘X’ like an error. New Sygic version, recent Maps Me versions, recent Offline GPS, recent Navigation Offline Maps… Too many free GPS apps seem to not work anymore on the old Android 5.1 of my H2. Now I’m using Map Factor, it’s able to install without issues.

But someone knows what’s happened?

Have you tried " Runmeter " . I had this running on 5.1 with no problems . Thanks

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Runmeter is for runners… I mean a GPS app with an online map, like Sygic. For car using :rofl:

Apologies :joy: . Then i am unsure

Ok, MapFactor app has been updated. And the new version will go with other apps like Sygic, the installation fails every time :frowning: It was the last GPS app working fine on Android 5 :frowning: