Gyroscope failiure

I think the gyoscope is faulty as the podometer and the wakeup function stopped working.
I try to flash the different firmware but it does change anything.
Any idea what to do?
Thanks in advance

So you have flashed with Correct firmware then perforned a full reset afterwards ?

I have flashed lemfo firmware as custom ones… no changes.

And did you perform a full reset after you flashed ?

I ran a sensor test and it says the gyroscope is unsupported. It did list accelerometer and pedometer.

Make sure you went to Settings -> Gesture and enabled both options or they will not work. They may disabled by default.

no I did not full reset, how can I do that? Is it the same as a factory reset?

Yes its the same . Always recommended after flashing

ok thx I’ll give a try

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Worked like a charm, thx again for your help

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Your welcome . Another satisfied customer :+1: