Gympass app not working on DM20 Lemfo Lem 10

Hy folks, I am trying to use the gympass app on my watch by i get this message

I guess the app identifies the android like a rooted device, I saw that some people use magisk to hide the root of the device to use these kind of applications.
Anyone knows a workaround to make this app work? or even have a guide on how to root the lemfo lem 10, unlock bootloader use magisk or anything similar?

It is because the device is not certified by Google.
Many apps that require a “verified” Android installation will not be able to be installed.
You can check it in Play Protect status.
Play Protect is part of the play store and checks certification.

It cannot be fixed by a regular user because it involves gaining root permissions and using magisk modules.

We don’t provide these guides for the simple reason that so many people end up destroying the watch and have to try and flash the firmware again.
Then there is the whole issue of losing the IMEI number and MAC addresses :unamused:

We generally advise people to use the XDA forum for this kind of information.