GV2 8 Ball - As in the game of billards!

The logo revolves as the seconds tic-by while the blue circle denotes the minute…


ORIGINAL IMAGE: (only one I could find)


CREDIT: Gevril.com

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Another interesting one doubledad! :+1: Quite an interesting watch design really. Nothing spectacular, but it still manages to catch the eye. May I ask why you didn’t include the date window on the face? (Just curious) But thanks for another good one mate! Cheers, Doons

RE: “…why you didn’t include the date window”, only because I don’t pay as much attention to detail as do you… OR - perhaps it’s the Pappy Van Winkle!

Revision is now available for download

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@doubledad Would I have permission to do my own interpretation of this? I can get it so the center with the logo rotates and the window opens up to show the hour I also wanted to do a little embossing to give the center a little more 3D aspect, like the pic. Or I can keep the hour window static, but rotate the hour wheel and the logo. I would definitely give you the credits.

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Be my guest, Nichloas!

Look doubledad, let me offer my most sincere apologies ( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:) for inadvertently highlighting your “Winkle drinking problem” :woozy_face: As for you not paying due attention…Mate you are swiftly turning into one of the most prolific designers on this here Forum…and if you have to get good and smashed to do it :cocktail:…then more power to Ya :+1: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks for the update mate, I’ve downloaded it and will toss it on the Kospet soon. Cheers, Doons

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Ya know, pool (using the 8 ball) requires a steady hand, so I only indulge to be sociable!


Er…ok, sociable it is! Although I seem to remember Paul Newman…aka…Fast Eddie Felton…played a mean game against Jackie Gleason…aka…Minnesota Fats…when he was sloshed! (Although admittedly it got better the more sober he became!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

Side note, Doons, Gleason was a very accomplished player and shot his own scenes. ALSO, a gifted trumpet player… Look for his albums from the 50s!