Guys - need help with big rotating object.

Guys - need help with big rotating object. How to get it spinning constantly?

With option :

120.png 3 -3 8 447

…the mentioned object returns to its beginning position every minute instead of doinf a full circle…?

Update. Looks I found an answer on my query - no, it’s not possible. Went through many different projects to check how other skin makers dealt with tis problem and thanks to clock skin maker application I found that sad true: 3 or 7. Slowing them down or speeding up will not change their behaviour: every minute or day - they return to the beginning position. That is sad we cannot change the speed with ‘free’ rotating.

How long do you need the revolution period must be?

I’m (mostly) using rotate_second with circles as big as 2000x2000… the mulrotate varies from 3 to -7… most work smoothly and don’t “jump” back to the start… the -7 is the exception, in the “Santa” watch the snow jumps…

The “Waves” skins were initially a problem… I tried many speeds and circle sizes until I got them jump-free :slight_smile:

+Andrew Davis +Ciro Danise the rotating object in my skin is the Earth globe. I want it rotate slow so one minute (3&10) isn’t enough and one day (7) is a way too long. Below is the link to the final (but unofficial) version - as I really need to get it in perfect shape :slight_smile: . Have a look on it please and give an advice if you got one :slight_smile:

@Piotr_Blazewicz Hmm… on CSM Earth1 at -3 mulrotate jumps but at -1 mulrotate it runs smoothly… so I tried it on my D5 (at -1) and it jumps… :frowning:

@Andrew_Davis Exactly. Tried out your ‘wave’ size (2000×2000) but logically - bigger image needs spin faster to reach 1 minute time restriction. So no chance for Earth’s majestic turn I’m afraid.

Ooh… I just lost a big post :frowning:

@Piotr_Blazewicz Bigger image doesn’t need to go faster… if you had a watch with two seconds hands, one small (that fitted into a small circle) and one large (that fitted into a large circle) then they would both take 60 seconds to rotate once… a small image of 400x400 would take 60 seconds to rotate and so would a 2000x2000 image :slight_smile:

On the “Wave” watch I played with different combinations of phase, amplitude and wavelength before I got it so that if it was jumping it didn’t show… maybe it’s jumping from one wave crest to another (similar) wave crest, it’s just that you can’t see it happen (maybe)…

On the “Ghostbusters” watch there are 12 rotate_second at three different sizes and at mulrotate 8 and 10… but no jumping… don’t know why not ???

Okay… so here’s how I’m looking at the problem… I have made skins with similar rotating images as yours - and they don’t (all) jump… the good news is, it can be done :)… the bad news is, I’m not sure how (yet)… :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s something to do with the number or order of the layers… are the layers underneath causing problems?

Will try to play with layers than (as a starter :slight_smile: but before that I will look closer on Ghostbuster one to investigate the problem. Cheers for your support Andrew.

Another watch that doesn’t jump is “Around the World in 80 seconds”… there are two second_rotate images of 1400x1400 - jets (J) and landmarks (L)… J has mulrotate 1 and L has 0… the jets appear to fly over the landmarks faster than the landmarks come into view…

From memory I did initially have problems with L jumping… I think that it was at lower speeds (less than 0)…
A watch that does jump is “Santa” (with the icecream)… two large rings of snowflakes… on behind (B) the Santa and the other in front (F)… mulrotate -7 F and -4 B… both jump at the same time… you don’t notice (so much) because each snowflake is small…