guys can not seem to solve the problem of the watch face with the

guys can not seem to solve the problem of the watch face with the apk kw88, you have managed to solve the problem ?? otherwise, change smartwatch

yes - flash the full firmware on the new forum dated 20160921

In other words, flash an older firmware release then 201609021?

Personally - we have never seen one with this date - 20160923.
Only 20160921 - which makes it even more confusing for users as the OTA has the same date. KingWear have been informed and I had a chat with them today. They are not happy about this either.
So - to be clear - OTA breaks the watch faces. The full SP Tools firmware works fine.
Bottom line - don’t take the OTA.

Sorry typo…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ so it means that if i do the flash instead of ota…the watchface apk will work also with the date & battery?

where can I find it and how to Flash fw manually??

It’s already been said and explained, please do a search.

@Martin_Nijhuis Can you please give a link where this was discussed? I have been following the discussion and tried to use the search but found no answer to the question how it is possible to flash the KV88 and where to get the firmware files. Maybe there is information on how to install the root?

This may look childish but there are lots of ways to search…If I get a Euro every-time someone just asks instead of searching themself I’d be a millionaire. :wink:
Made it simple for you this time…klik on the link and find more then one answer

thanks - this kills me and the other mods :slight_smile:

@Martin_Nijhuis I agree, but keep in mind that if the answer is given very briefly, it will always generate a lot of additional questions. :slight_smile:

If it’s green , it’s green …nothing in between.
You want it to be blue…it’s up to you.
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I can not find it otherwise surely wondering here

Is somehow strange, because I also made OTA update to new KW88_CS1_B_GSM_PHT_20160921 firmware but in my case all working just fine and without any issues regarding WFs.
Maybe they changed the OTA image without any global notice ?

Also note that they are in Holidays from 1/10 until 10/10/2016 and you will not take any answer from them right now.

An other option is to forget the default clock and install the new way.
Try out this one and tell us if you like it.
There are no restrictions with this system to install new watchfaces:

So don’t change the watch, change the software.

your link is private.