[Guide] How to make animated previews of faces with Win10

A simple preview image for faces are nice but it lacks the “special something”. For Windows 10 users making animated previews is extremely easy. Here’s how to do it.

Initial Setup

  1. Turn your watch on and enable USB Debugging (Settings> About> Developer Settings)
  2. Connect you watch to your PC
  3. Install Vysor for Chrome on your PC
  4. Vysor will start up and install the required app on your watch
  5. Once installed you will see your watch’s screen on your PC

Setting Up Recording & Recording Vysor

  1. Using THIS GUIDE enable screen recording
  2. Once set up, click on the Vysor window.
  3. Press Win+Alt+R to start recording
  4. Record about 5 seconds then press Win+Alt+R again to stop

Making an Animated GIF & Posting

  1. Your recorded videos are located at “This PC\Videos\Captures”
  2. Using an online mpeg to gif converter upload your video
  3. Once the conversion is complete, upload the image to your favorite cloud storage service that allows image linking
  4. Create your watchface post and embed the animated gif into the post

Here’s the end result

I will be expanding this guide to cover other versions of Windows in the future. So if you are not using Windows 10, please be patient.

Hey Marz. I can’t see the display on the PC. But I can control the watch though. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.