GUB Glashutte Stossgesichert

Perhaps my finest reproduction in WFD…the GUB Stossgesichert, was produced behind the Iron Curtain between 1954 and 1961, by what was left of the German watch industry after World War II and war reparations had stripped them of their assets. A number of companies grouped together under the name GUB in 1951 to produce German watches again, including the venerable A. Lange & Söhne based in Glashütte, the home of German watchmaking. As Doonsbury will tell you, Stossgesichert means shockproof…




CREDIT: The defunct GUB with links to


Herr doubledad…I am schockiert (Thanks God for Google translate!! :nerd_face:) that you would think that I know that “Stossgesichert” means “Shock proof”! For someone who hails from a country that can turn the sentence “How are you going mate?” into the single word “Owyegoinmate” I am fighting a losing battle using English…let alone Deutsche! :woozy_face: :rofl: Cheers “Herr” Doons