Grid: The Total watchface rectangular

Greetings to the FORUM!!
-1- My first watch skin for big screen smart watch
-2- Designed for use in Lemfo LEMT, DM100 and Ticwris MAX
-3- It can also be used in Ticwris Max S, DM101 and kospet Note

-1- Access from the clockskin to the most important apps (areas to touch)
-2- direct monitoring of steps, distance, calories, heart rate
-3- Controls: weather display, battery level


link to download:
file verification


note: the first square “sport mode” is not touchable it is the title of the clockskin and an area to change to another skin


Nice 1st shot! Thanks for sharing. :handshake:

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Why can`t i download it??? It says i need permission from the creator.

Thanks for your interest!
If it is not a problem, I would like you to give an opinion (assessment, advice on use, problem, etc.) about the clockskin
After making the download request, I send an email and you can download the Grid.


How to install on watch?

  1. Connect the smart watch to the PC with USB charger. A message will appear.
  2. Select transfer files (only charge, transfer files, transfer images). This option allows you to connect and copy to the smart watch.
  3. You have to copy the Grid file (uncompressed —> grid) in the clockskin file of the main directory
  4. You have to long touch the screen (change the appearance of the clock), scroll to the right until the end:
    update option. There you can see a circle with a cross to update online and above it a round arrow.
    Press the round arrow.
  5. Now you will see the Grid as an option to load


Thnx a lot.Where I can see your other clockskins?

Or you can download the clockskin transfer via google play store within the watch. And just transfer the zipfiles via there. Very easy and hassle free :wink:




“Why can`t i download it??? It says i need permission from the creator”

Wow! “Permission from the Creator”!!! Who knew that the Almighty was a Forum member?!! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, “We have members in very high places indeed”!, Doons


Can you please make one, and add with TICWRIS MAX logo aswell? And when you are finished, can you please share the download link for me?

Can u make watchface related to anime (prefered gunman or swordsman characters) even for money?

@Babak_Shock, cheers!
Ticwris has an exclusive logo for all its watches.
The new clockskin (analog-digital hybrid) I’m working on will now also have a logo.
I think you are referring to adding the word MAX to the ticwris logo…

@Armen_Tangyan cheers!
There is the option in your kospet note (as in all the others) to choose an image and convert it to clockskin automatically. If you want anime themes you can do that option.
I make this watchfaceS as a hobby and I like the creativity and functionality in a clockskin.
Thank you for your trust but I do not charge money for it.
You can ask in the requests post

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