Greetings creators! Among variety of beautiful watchfaces, there's no simple / plain digital watchface.

Greetings creators!

Among variety of beautiful watchfaces, there’s no simple / plain digital watchface. Something with white digits on black background (AMOLED-screens battery friendly).

Examples below (googled it…)


I just altered one called big blue from here, I went in the file and deleted the grey background and blue second counter and now the background is completely black

missing/deleted image from Google+

Flip numbers not possible to made in CSM.
Here one with big numbers:

Hi, you can find a simulation of flip numbers here:

First : DONT try to insult the watchfacemakers!
We are dont lying, just spend hours and days for made anything to free for download! If you do it that again , you will go out…

When you dont know anything, just read our tech forum. Lot of discussion was about battery life, and the faces. We havent find good solution. Dim not possible yet, with the current engine. Faces will not save your battery, probably the wifi, 3G, Bluetooth… I made personally one watchface, with total black bg, and just some pixel , markers, and hand. Not noticable battery save. You can try, when you will.

@Huawa_Tuam Nothing good to say? Then don’t bother. You are gone from here - go and spread your rubbish somewhere else

Didn’t I see somewhere there was an option to add widget as clockskin? Might be as an app but at least would have the flip number option available? Might need a custom UI but sure it was somewhere. I will try to find and post the link

Try sidebar plus on link

хорошо если такие циферблаты сделали, люблю строгий и классический силь

MY GOD… I need this watch face men… please give me a download link if available …
Thanx in advance

HI @Prashan_Dulanjaya

Here is my fist attempt at a flip watch (Well first attempt a watch face too).

Unfortunately it is not possible to animate). Is this something you are looking for?

happy for feedback/suggestions?
missing/deleted image from Google+

Your watch face is very nice and attractive…
Can you please try to insert some different font format rather than this…
then it will be better…
Anyways , nice keep it up…
And please give me a download link or google drive link me to download this…
Thank you so much…

I have struggled a bit with the format as I only know have to break down the time to hours and minutes. It was just a 5 min quick draft to see if there’s what you are after. I will tidy up the battery, etc. I also have grey tiles available


Here is an updated version with darker tiles and a nicer font.