greenTigger original L01

Nice to meet you. I am Japanese. I don’t know if it’s correct to write here, but I’m sorry if it’s wrong. When I set the L01 and Yu smartwatch that arrived today using the wiiwatch2 and Yu app, if the clock is 21:30, it will be 12:30. I didn’t know what to do, so I wrote it here as it was listed in the app. Can anyone please tell me the solution :sob:

To start this is not a Full Android Watch so nothing on this forum will necessarily help you. I did research this watch and did not find the system it is operating under. However having owned similar watches usually you set the time functions in “Settings” and depending on what options are available make the adjustments there. Sorry but since I or nobody here probably has this watch that is all I can offer.


Thank you. :sob: For some reason, there is no place to set the time, and there is no place in the app. It is inconvenient because there is a time difference of 9 hours :weary:

Yes maybe the timezone detected by the watch is wrong

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Thank you. Will it be cured by the app? Is the clock itself useless?

We don’t know this watch, you have to find where the time can be set.