GREAT BATTERY GAIN - With a simple trick

My Microwear H2 is 2 years old :frowning: I don’t use it every day 'cause I’ve many other watches. Anyway. After the summer, I wanted to use it for a few days. Last time I used it was this spring, maybe March.

Well. I charge it in the evening but the afternoon of the day after, the battery is too low and it turns it off itself :frowning: And without using it too hardly…

What to do? Old battery? Some services? For sure wakelocks, I’ve checked them…

So… A little trick. I’ve installed a little utility that I discover just in this days, it’s name is ‘Doze’. Yep, I know that the H2 is Android 5.1 based and Doze mode is from Android 6.0 only :stuck_out_tongue:

But it lets to downclock the CPU frequency while the screen is off. I keep some apps disabled while screen is off and with ‘Doze’ app, the watch has lost just 10% of battery since yesterday evening ( more than 16 hours, same usage ).

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Many thanks for your info.
Some questions:

  • the Watch Is rooted?
  • Is possibile to put the link of this utility?
  • Is the premium version of this utility?



Yep, here I am…

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a question my friend…
how do u root an android smartwatch?
and are there any consequences?
and does it work with standard launcher?
and does it close running applications like my gestures app?

sorry if its too many questions i just dont want to perform another factory reset

Oh man… :stuck_out_tongue:

  • every watch has its own how-to in order to root it ; my H2 is pretty simple, I can flash RECOVERY.IMG and BOOT.IMG (patched version) with SP Tools (from a Windows Laptop). Than u turn on the watch, reboot into recovery (using ADB, again from a Windows Laptop) and u’ll see TWRP. Simply flash Magisk / SuperSU ZIP file. Et voilà, fully rooted :wink:

  • yes, many consequences… u can use the watch truly, u can customize the kernel, modify parameters of CPU / GPU / RAM / … I’m using android devices since 2010 and if I can’t root a device, I avoid to buy it :smiley:

  • I’m using Eric Universal Launcher. But yes, the stock one is working if u prefer

  • I don’t understand what u mean with your gestures app… Anyway I’m using Assistive Touch on my H2 in order to access quickly to many settings / apps

PS Just to inform u… After almost 2 days, from 100% the watch is still at 71%, look at these pics (including Magisk Canary).

thanks a lot man i really appreciate it

A very useful application!
I already have the clock routed, I’m going to install it, see how it goes.
Thank you!

Well, the battery reached 3% yesterday evening. And the watch turned off itself. AFTER 4 DAYS !!! Next try will be to leave it always connected to the smartphone using Watch Droid and Bluetooth always on, of course :stuck_out_tongue: