Graf Zeppelin Chronograph, Retrograde Watch for UL

The “retrograph” function measures the number of times on the original watch that the retrograde 30 second feature resets (info thanks to @G1NT0N1C) - on my face it is not operational… I programmed that hand as 'Day of Month" (UL needed for “Day of Month” feature)






I found this video. It shows partical how it works:


Thank you!

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You are welcome, mate.

To be honest - I currently have no idea how to do this in clockskin format. “.watch” maybe, but clockskin? Difficult. I’ll have a look this weekend.

Actually, I have no interest in “making it happen”. Seems to be a one-off kind of complication…

Exactly such problems arouse my interest: Nobody has solved them before and it is REALLY difficult. This is the kind of challenge that doesn’t let me sleep until I have solved the problem.

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You may be awake for a v-e-r-y long time!

I just found the brand website:
Would you edit your credit link, please?

Probably could be done with an animation with 30 images ?

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Yes, that was one of my first thoughts.:+1:

or use 2 second hands running backward and with a 180 degree offset, and hide the right part of the half circle… not sure i’m clear…


Done! Thanks for the heads-up, Gin

I’ve just published a Version of this face. The movement is solved:

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