GPS location feature possible?

Is it possible to add a location feature, like GPS based city identification on screen? Any functions that can make we might use to retrieve the same?

How is this a custom round watchface Issue? :laughing:
Sorry can’t resist


You can add a gps app shortcut to watchfaces if thats what you mean ?

We have a tutorial on this -

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Hmm, why not? working on a concept like this. At the top, there is the location tag. But this one is custom written. I was wondering what if there could be separate function outside WFD that could identify location from GPS and hence tempt etc.


because your question isn’t dependent on the shape of the screen.

You would need to make two versions of this watch, one clockskin (without the GPS tag) and then another version that’s watchmaker .watch format for universal launcher. (house rules)

I made a watch skin for my wearOS watch that uses weather location source which is based on the GPS location using {wl} value (to get an actual area name) and you can get co-ordinates to show your GPS position as well as direction on the same layer.

Just create a new script layer and type these two lines: (or make two layers and put {wl} in it’s own layer for positioning)

{alatdd} {alondd}

check with @Eric_Crochemore if it’s supported in UL

been making for only about a couple of week. That is how long that even I knew a community existed. But never worked with Xml and array functions yet. Will give it a try.

this is WATCHMAKER format, i.e “watchmaker”… heh. Watchmaker uses LUA programming which can be read by universal launcher on your watch. I’m also a noob, I started from zero before the summer this year. Good luck with your progress.

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Wow amazing progress

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wl is supported and will show the location set for your weather in UL. But as a choice to minimize the battery consumption, the GPS is not ON with UL, so the location is not updated automatically and latitude and longitude are not set as well.


Thanks mate, I had a feeling lat/long would be unsupported. Honestly, it’s mostly a gimmick to be fair.