Got it ! Received the KW88 today..

Got it !
Received the KW88 today…
Went right on and updated the newest firmware.
All okay except not being able to choose my own language (which is Dutch )
Further more …having troubles signing in on playstore…tiny keyboard.
Will have a go with team view through pc but first I need access to play store .
So I’ll be busy for a while here.

Wish me luck :wink:

Martin, be carefull using Teamviewer Host.
Only use it on the watch when it’s NOT charging.
Charging while using Teamviewer Host over Wifi overheats the watch so much it will shut down while giving a overheated battery warning.
TVH works fine on this watch, just be carefull not to charge it during use.

is it the only one for controlling through pc? sidesync doesn’t work

I prefer MyPhoneExplorer. Great control over the watch and if you use it through the USB, there’s no need to access the Play Store

Thanks …I will try

AirDroid and Vysor are other 2 great options.
But I think you will need to be able to login to Google Play first anyways, as you need to have them installed on your watch in order to connect to PC.

I’m in (playstore)

I bet that you’re a happy chappy :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis yeah …happy fiddling around …but still doubting my choice .
Installed 2 CF apk’s you and I made.looking good but that’s it.
Struggling with myself to>> go and get the D5 (+)?
Is it what I want?

I want:
2 Nice and many CF’s
3 Pairing with my phone.

1The GPS of the KW88 is alright , as soon as I place a sim it is.
2 Nice CF ? eh a few but still no way to ad more …but I’m going to make a bunch tomorrow (just for myself since I don’t know for the life of me where I got them all from so I can’t give credits for uploading.
Still there not the faces I really like and want .
3 I’ll try some more , didn’t work earlier .

So If I get tired after a week or so …I’ll sell it or keep it but definitely get me another one that does all and without any problem .there are many out there …still think D5(+) is the best choice but maybe someone knows what’s best in this case …open for suggestions.

But who knows…maybe after a while I get the hang of it and it pairs flawlessly (to my S6) and/or with a sim in it its perfect .
And to make my day someone figures out how to add clock faces .

So yeah …I’m happy :wink: it’s here and I can play now

@Martin_Nijhuis I bought my D5 so that I could add faces and a sim… I don’t use it for anything else because the battery loses power too quickly… but I think that it’s the same for all watches :slight_smile:

A lot happier now… :wink: I do like this watch