Got a new update today...see what is new...

Got a new update today…see what is new…

I don’t see any changes

Just a small kernel and system update to bring it in-line with the other models out there. Everything still works fine. The animated watch face was removed because of it’s dependency on a market app.

And any battery improvments?

There is an app compatibility switch in display settings now. For smaller DPI.

little bit dissapointed, I wish there is a fix for sinwear soon.

@Yoga_Adi_Candra we are working on it with the firmware providers

great awaiting that… thank you @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

@Yoga_Adi_Candra It will be a while yet but as I said - We will notify you - just that this takes time and may take a few weeks…

When the battery is less than 15%,
Starts saving the battery,
But a + sign appears,
With which you can return to normal state.
That was not before the update.

@holandeca_11 That’s interesting too. You know if you go into the power saving menu and click on the words super power - you can change it to 5% instead of 15%