Google Voice (Phone number)

I created a new phone number with the Google Voice service; for those who haven’t heard about it, Google Voice offers a free Wi-Fi-Compatible phone number to place/receive USA to USA calls and the option to add money to make international calls – provided that the user has a current (i.e. active) mobile or landline number. It permits the user to place a Wi-Fi phone call from the smartwatch to another phone number; however the smartwatch must call the phone number linked to the Google Voice service – so to place a group call. Google Voice also may record the phone conversations (if selected), send/receive text messages, and offer speech-to-text voice mail.

I am not certain if this service is even compatible with my smartwatch, so if someone can enlighten me with more information, that will be much appreciated! I would like some assistance in adjusting the phone settings in my smartwatch to use my Google Voice number (while Wi-Fi connected, as I do not have a SIM card inside the watch – nor plan to do so).

P. S. I am also having trouble keeping the WI-Fi connection, if the smartwatch goes to sleep. I did change the settings to “Wi-Fi always on when sleeping”, but I stopped trying when it prompted me to connect to Wi-Fi again. How much battery life does leaving Wi-Fi always on actually consume on this model smartwatch?

I installed the Universal Launcher New Gen – mentioned elsewhere on this website – directly from my watch’s Google Play Store. I am having the same issues as other commenters on the YouTube video, namely the inability to change the watchface and inability to left-swipe from the stopwatch screen. The help links listed on the YouTube comments [proboards & google+] from 2 years ago are no longer active/accessible.

There’s a lot of YT channel tutorial to install watchface on your watch. Concerning the swipe from stopwatch, just swipe from upper side or bottom side, not middle.

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