Google+ post by Øyvind North on 2016-06-19 20:10:58 UTC


Looks like you’re having great fun with your designs! I’m have trouble downloading them from your Google Drive posting though. Do you have sharable links turned on for them? It looks like I can only copy them to my Google Drive, not download them (unless I’m missing something).

@SmartWatch_Ticks Hi, I’m not sure how I can share in any other ways using Google Drive. If you tell me what settings or whatever I need to change I’ll do that, no problem. Best regards.

You can right click/Command click from PC/Mac while on your Google Drive on each of your folders, one by one, and select "Get Sharable Link. Then when you post on the G+ Community, after putting your image first (so it will show up), add the sharable link and we will go right to that skin’s folder for immediate download (rather than your root directory with all your stuff). You can go back and edit each of your posts and add this sharable link to each one. That would make it much easier for us. Thanks!

@SmartWatch_Ticks I also .zip my folders… (on my PC) right click the folder > left click 7-zip > left click add to (folder name).zip… I then follow your steps as above… :slight_smile: