Google+ post by C For on 2016-07-15 11:44:00 UTC


It’s tough to see the actual measurement but the eyeball test looks OK. The north/south actually looks a little off so maybe it’s an angle thing?

The north and south are fine. It’s very minor and you wouldn’t notice it. Don’t let it put you off purchasing. @Eric_Brown

@C_For we’ll see. I really like the watch but it might just be too big. It looked good on @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ but he has about 60 lbs or 27kg on me.

It only looks that big because it’s a close up. My wrists arent big and it feels great.

@Eric_Brown The watch isn’t big. It’s only 4.5cm in diameter.

Guys - for all intents and purposes it’s the same as the X5.
And we all know how many pics there are of that floating around.
Loki is spot on with his summary. Yes it’s a little large - like the x5. But for a watch packing a phone it’s perfectly normal.

@Lokifish_Marz you are correct. Even if I put on 50lbs, my wrists won’t change. I just measured and I’m about 17.75 cm circumference. I’ll probably end up getting it but I’m just doing my research.

@C_For is that 4.5cm the diameter of the outside housing?

Yes - the watch is 45mm wide.

Wrankles? @Lokifish_Marz

Hah - somehow I don’t think Eric is suffering from that issue …

Slight update on this on folks. It appears there is a screen protector which I didn’t notice until close examination today. This could be affecting the viewing angle slightly - hence the black border looking slightly bigger on one side. I’m just waiting to hear from my seller if a screen protector was applied and if so I’ll remove it. I assume after this the screen will be perfect. @Eric_Brown @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

Strange - I don’t have a screen protector …

@Eric_Brown @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 There is a screen protector on mine. Confirmed yesterday.

My new one also had one, took mine of hate them.

Really? Interesting - mine arrived with a huge one which I removed but basically you are saying that there is another which completely fits the screen? That’s why it felt weird …

Yes there’s 2 very hard to see unless u have a bubble out something under it.