Google Play services update

Hi all,

First post and Im looking for some help with this watch.

Just picked up a Thor 4 4g today and having a couple of small issues.

Its a fantastic piece of equipment but Im new to having a full android watch coming from wear os and Im hoping that I can get as seamless an experience with this as I did with the Sony Smartwatch 3.

Maybe someone can help me with the main ones.

1. Im getting a message saying that "Youtube can not run until you update google play services"

Cant see any button to carry out the update.Is there a way to scroll the screen down as it looks like its hidden below the visible area.

2.I have it syncing with my phone(Im not using a sim in it) but Im unsure about the internet access. Whats better for battery life--letting it use wifi when in a wifi area or letting it connect via Bluetooth internet tethering?Both are working for me (after reading the how to here on the forums)

With both on Im sure that's a heavy drain on the battery??

3.How do I set up google assistant--As I said Im coming from a Sony Smartwatch 3 and I could just say "Hey google to dial numbers,play music on Spotify etc"--will this watch do all that?? I use voice assistant all the time especially in the car so Im hoping I can get this working.

4.Im new to the whole full android thing on a watch as Im used to wear os so are there any essential apps I should install in order to make it integrate in the same way as wear os?

5.Battery life--Is it a sbad as people say. Ive gotten a full 14 hours out of its first charge today--does that sound about right? I was hoping for 2 days of standby but I understand this is a more power hungry device--any tips for getting the most out of the battery?

6. Is there anywhere I can buy a second charging cable?



Google. Play services can be updated directly in the Play Store if you check for updates. That’s how it works on the new Lem8.

I don’t use tethering as a day to day feature. I tried it for a few days (Bluetooth on phone sharing with the watch) and battery drain was higher. The watch lasted 18 hours with this feature activated.

Battery life is about 24 hours for me with 3G, data, Wi-Fi on stand-by (only activated when the screen is on), bluetooth on (nothing connected on it), always on display.

Battery life will get better once everything’s is settled a d updated properly. Also update the watch to it’s most recent firmware will help. It’s recommended to hard reset the watch after an update to avoid excessive battery drain due to bad configuration from the update (you will have to reinstall and reconfigure everything).