Google play and battery drain

Today my Rogbid brave pro battery has been draining much faster than normal. Over 10 hours it dropped from 100% to 30%. I haven’t done anything beyond step counts, telling time, and checking the weather. Only phone/data is running (no BT or WIFI). I checked the battery status app and found that google play services had been running for 9 1/2 hours draining 46%. I checked notifications and it had an alert that play protect had 13 apps tagged as being restricted due to lack of use.

I was able to select each app and turn off the pending restrictions but play protect seems to still be running a constant scan on my watch OS and Apps. I have never seen this before even on my phone.

I found this link to Google play help: Help protect against harmful apps with Google Play Protect - Google Play Help
I turned off play protect. and now I wait…

Has this happened to anyone else?
Is this a new change that google automatically turned this on?

Not had this before . I have had unexpected battery drain after installing apps , firmware upgrade etc which is why a factory reset is always advised afterwards .

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So far it’s gotten better. fully charged 10 hours ago and I’m at 60%. But I notice Google play services is still eating 10% with it running for 9.5 hours. Usually I don’t see it listed in the battery management app at more than 2% o more than a few minutes.

Is google play services running constantly in the background a requirement? Maybe I’ll force a stop and see if the watch/software keeps running normally.

I’ll keep watching.



Maybe disable auto sync if you use Google.
I have noticed significant improvements by syncing manually.
I always use a Sim card in my devices but 3G. I turn off 4G because 3G is more than enough.

The other thing is that the stock firmware is not configured correctly for Google services and auto update of the GMS does not happen.
Sometimes outdated play store and google services apps cause a lot of problems.

Might be worth downloading the fix google services app from the play store and check if Services needs updating.


I had the same problem. A few weeks ago Google started to scan my Genesis for unused apps every day. And this drains the battery from 2 days use to 1.5. I disabled Google play protect and it is going better.


it could also be battery which is getting old

i will have to try this my genesis is not lasting very long anymore. i know some of it is just the battery getting old but i have been getting play protect messages lately.

I’ll give that a try. so far I’m seeing google play services run about 20 minutes in 15 hours. Not too much of a drain. better than when I first noticed.
FAW 1.3 RC1 is posted so I just flashed Brave Pro to stock LEM 14 firmware and updated to LEM 14 FAW 1.3 RC1. Ran factory reset and now I’m slowly reinstalling apps.
Hopefully the google play services issue won’t reoccur. I’ll update the thread as I go.

exactly. I changed no settings and added no programs, it just started happening.

Finished reinstalling and configuring my apps after loading 1.3 and factory reset. I still turned off play protect and after 12 hours google paly services only ran about 20 minutes (which could have been associated with the installs I made from play store.)

I’ll accept that amount of battery drain and move on. I’ll update the thread later tomorrow after running the watch normal all day.

Side note: I noticed that international 1.3 doesn’t have the music player of sports app. No problem for me (they weren’t standard google apps) and I use You tube Music and google fit. The weather app looks different. Haven’t seen any problems. runs really smooth.

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Finished loading/configuring all my apps and faces. Shut off auto syncing. Set google backups to only run when charging and on WIFI. Set google play store to restricted on memory management. (I only need it in the foreground when I want to download or upgrade apps). watch has ran 20hrs from a full charge and is only down to 40%. Google play services only showed 10 minutes of run time.
I’ll update later after another full day.


How about if you just disable google play

Google play services is required for the functionality of other apps so restricting it in background is the best I could do.

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I think you will find that this is the main problem.
On a firmware where the GMS core apps are working correctly, this issue does not appear. You can always turn off Play Protect if you want.
Leave some feedback in the FAW firmware thread after you have tested it, because I don’t have this issue on the FAW firmware where GMS core is correct.