Google Fit stopped counting steps

Hello There,

I was using Google Fit to sync sports data, Last couple of weeks it was counting Wrong steps etc. but now it stopped completely counting the steps. it always show zero.

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I got a Lemfo Lemp a few weeks ago and it was also counting steps. I like to save battery and tend to keep my watch in Sport Mode and turn off all extra battery eating functions. The other day, I realized I had Location enabled so I disabled it. Today, I noticed that I have not had any steps register since last Wednesday. I believe it may be related so I re-enabled Location, today. We’ll see what happens. I would hope they don’t rely on GPS to count steps as I can imagine that wouldn’t be accurate, at all!

Unfortunately, enabling location had no effect on step counting. Also, I realized the pulse detect LEDs were staying on and the watch did not detect pulse or oximetry. I ended up performing a factory reset and not everything is working, again. I hope this doesn’t turn into a routine that has to be performed every few weeks.

to honest, this watches are not reliable for sports & heart beat recordings. They are taken for granted ! :frowning:

The Stock & Google fit recordings are different in the same watch, how come this ? and I too realized that enabling Location services does not have any effects.

I was participating one of the world famous Dubai Fitness challenge 30x30, I was one of the corporates member, but lost due to this error !! sadly !! :frowning:(