Good morning .... who can tell me where to buy a original strap for

Good morning … who can tell me where to buy a original strap for my x5?


hi, I’v asked both finow and lemfo stores, they not want to sell me strap, cos its “difficult” to change… I’v tear down my x5+, and not easy, but possiblle. Problem is you have built in antennas in strap.

Still waiting for the removable Android watches release. Steel straps are more beautiful than the leather one.

Unfortunately the strap is not a replacement part because refitting it almost always breaks the watch.
Also sad is the fact that even the KW98, which looks like it has replaceable straps, can only really operate with the same strap type which it comes with.
Still a way off from having a standalone watch with no external antennas :slightly_frowning_face:
Very hard to get a signal with these little devices.

@zsolt_m it IS difficult, because you have to tear apart the watch COMPLETELY. It is possible, but you’ll need time. You can however interchange the parts of the antennae in the original strap with another strap. But that is even MORE difficult, because of the flimsy antennae plastic. I do have a spare strap from the old x5.

@Vmax I know, as I said I’v tear my watch.
That was my choice. You are right, lot of us cannot do that, but if the strap breaks, what do you do?

and then not so difficult to replace the strap, or extract the internal antennas … simply unplug the three micro ipx connectors that can be seen by removing the cover to insert the sim … the problem of signal ricezzione you please the cover and totally in steel and blocks the signal …

@zsolt_m I buy a new watch (Joke) :smiley: Most of my straps are more expensive (True) :smiley:

Que antena se pierde si quitas la correa??

@Jesus_Perez you cannot buy them as far as I know. They consider it a non-replaceable part so they cannot be purchased .