Good day to all.

Good day to all. I imagine a complete version of the ClockSkin:“The Division” in two versions. Threesomes variant differs shimmering clock face. I hope you will enjoy.



absolutely cool…good work

just request, can you make it for square watch face too ?

I like how you changed the agent number :slight_smile: 0325 was my sons birthday lol

what or how or where to install zip files please help i have the kw88 but have no idea how to install

Hi Alex, you can create folder name ClockSkin on root of watch storage and extract zip to that folder.

@Alex_Webb look here

into zip and watch file for KW88

I m so much fed up …no one tells how to do so evryone post this launcher but how to do so…some of them are intelligent nd following from long time this group nd I really appreciate this group as it’s very helpfull can anyone make video nd put it on it will be more helpfull then writing nd giving notes in form of help …#administratior nd team of this group plz guys see to this …

Got it working on my S99, the pulsometer and weather still not working, but I hope it will, awesome job!!

How to install this watch face on my connected watch

Connected? What’s your device?

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