Gold Baby ! Get it ..

Gold Baby !
Get it …


I really like this one Warlock. Would it be possible to make a version that doesn’t have the red pointer, but instead has the hour hand point where the red pointer is pointing? That way it’s a true 24 hour watch. Midnight to noon the hour hand would be on the right and noon to midnight it would be on the left. It would help me learn military time. Thanks --Mr. Ticks

Sure Here you go …

missing/deleted image from Google+

Thanks! I’ll be featuring your new design and the link to this awesome Round Android Smartwatches Custom Faces G+ Community in the upcoming review of the ZEBLAZE THOR PRO smartwatch. This face looks like it was made for that watch. When you see it live, you’ll know what I mean. Thank you for your creativity, and offering your designs for easy download to anybody with an Android smartwatch.

Thanks !
I Love your reviews of watches !

Thanks for this watch face first good job I love it and 2nd where do you get watch face designer to make these so I can make my own too once again thanks