Gin's Steampunk

They said it couldn’t be done!




:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: EVERYTHING GOES !!!

Well, better than my solution. Because I don’t have any… :wink:
I added a credit link.

Good job DoubleDad,
if i could suggest U, add arm different position to “paste” to each number position, eventually change horizontal position to give illusion of movement. And for more “realism” just add 57 arm1 in the end to pause arm in left during 57 seconds (or 56 sec if U do pic for each number), so arm move just when time change. I modify arms pix to eliminate pen deformation, if u want.

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Thank you for the suggestion, J J.

I considered using the “pause” you mentioned, but because I wish the user to see the action without waiting for each passing minute, I decided on the continuous motion.

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