Getting started my Rufus

I received my supposedly rooted Rufus a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t had a real chance to play with it other than the UI seems terrible, and the device is overall slow.

Sorry, didn’t finish the whole post. The device was originally to be a tether only, noir has a sim. What’s the consensus, use the sim or setup tethering. I’m an iPhone user, currently have a 12pro, so android skills are weak at best. I have an old unlocked Samsung that use for trips with prepaid sims.

How many Rufus do we have here? I couldn’t find any other forum out there.


In terms of hardware, your device is identical to Lemfo lemT and Tickwris max.There are a few of them here, just try our search function. As far as the interaction between your watch and your iPhone is concerned, however, you cannot have high hopes. The possibilities are actually not worth mentioning.


Thanks. I was pretty much starting to figure that out and just bought a sim for it, so it’s on it’s own now. Moving on from there …