Getting better at this.🤡

Getting better at this.:clown_face:


A question: what time is it? :joy:

Very nice. How are the highlights done, is that a different image per second?

Yes, a different image per second autogenerated by Watch Face Designer using “create layer by changing light angle”. I could only make 60 images because WFD crashes due to running out of memory, thus I can only create enough to use with the quartz movement option. See my earlier post here…:clown_face:

Time to work on this some more!:clown_face:

It looks awesome. Can’t wait to see a complete watch. Will it work as a standard face?

It will work in universal Launcher only since it is using .gif images.

Ah ok, mite have to get face face designer and have a play my self :sweat_smile:

@Trent_Wed It’s fun!

The movement is awesome af is the hand itself

Try programming by hand.

I just read your comment. I hope you reply to this. Does a list of array types exist anywhere? I can’t find one! : )

missing/deleted image from Google+

What the parameters r for each one, I don’t know but its very important. Most can be copied via other programs but I do have trouble with crashes every once in a while. Anyway watch ur syntex.


Looks good. Now just copy and paste BUT ! U must use a clone of that routine(clock hand) but with another name and files.
That is the peculiar aspect of programming these watches. Only one command line can call a uniquely named sub-routine. And it can only be 10units long. Ahh u get it. It ain’t hard just very time consuming. Very ! And that’s not to mention all the graphics u have to develope.
Here’s one of mine. The little guy runs then jumps over the battery icon and steals the heart icon then repeats. This had 2 b done in 10 steps. And the dove rotate once / minute. I had 2 make (barrow) each and every item. I like this one the best.
Good luck !missing/deleted image from Google+

My Van Gogh. The sky moves !
This took about a month 2 do. (Not full time).