Genesis Screen On Raising, Heart rate and Pedometer not working

I have forever had trouble with the Screen On Raising"/“Hand Bright Screen On” functionality. It didn’t work at first, then a “reset” got it working, now it’s not working anymore.

I’ve never paid much attention to the pedometer but it never shows any steps.

Now, the heart rate monitor isn’t flashing green lights. I used it a few times; now it just fails.

It has never been wet or near water, though I may have sweated a bit; I do live in Florida and it’s summer.

  1. I have done “Reset Equipment” up to 10 times
  2. Today, I did a firmware update using the flash tool; then another “Reset Equipment”

What can I do to get these parts working? OR how do we start the process for the warranty guarantee.

It could be the heat and sweat . Have you any moisture visible in the camera lenses ? If there is moisture placing in a sealed bag of rice for 48 hours with the sim cover removed normally fixes this . I did this then a reset and it works fine now . Moisture also affecting the heart rate monitor will be fixed using this method . Personally i think this is your problem . After you have done this reset again

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@Dr_Andy_Vishnu is right. Make sure that the watch is Switches off and the SIM tray is open when you put it a rice bag.

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There is no moisture visible on the camera lenses. I’ll try the rice thing.

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