Genesis - Kronos blade Genesis smart watch - cannot switch on the phone

After just 2 days, the Kronos blade watch died unexpectedly and is not switching on again. I barley wear it.

I also noticed that the heart rate monitor stoped functioning prior to that. The screen is not responding when trying to open the hear rate monitor.

Connecting to computer also doesnt detect the watch.

I’m hoping that this is a simple known issue that can be resolved fairly quickly.

I’d appreciate your guidance for getting this resolved.

Thanks, Guy

Hi . I dont understand . How can you try and open the heart rate monitor if the watch is dead and the screen is off ?

Does your watch appear to charge when you use the charging cable . Press the top right button and do you see the charging icon when charging.

Normally pressing the two buttons together on the watch for say " 20 seconds " then letting go can reboot the watch .

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You used the charging dock, right? Try the charging cable instead.

Please use the main thread - this is getting confusing