Genesis Bluetooth issue

Having issues connecting phone to Genesis

Can you be more specific . Thanks


i’m also having issues with bluetooth connections.
It drops quite often connection to smartphone while connected to 2.4Ghz WiFi even within 1 Meter.
Switching to 5 Ghz helped, not always possible. :frowning:
bluetooth range is way shorter then e.g. galaxy active watch.
battery consumption if idle watch bluetooth 10%, Celular: 1%. i’m not even tethering via bluetooth.

Can i ask . If you are not tethering to phone what are you using bluetooth for ?

I guess here is misunderstanding of term “tethering”.
connecting the watch via WiiWatch or WatchDroid cannot be called tethering !!!
What I mean with tethering is sharing internet connection of the smartphone.
When I said I was not tethering means connected via BT/WatchDroid.

initially I wanted to tether internet data from my smartphone using “Bluetooth tethering manager” and Join to send Notifications (since WiiWatch 2 and WatchDroid both not capable of reacting on Notification actions).
2 Problems found:

  1. Bluetooth spends more juice than 4G connection and is always on the second place after Display.
  2. Incoming connections are not reliable for Join and Aquamail. Pushes are just not coming. If I use apps on smartwatch internet access works just fine.

So my final configuration - permanent using of mobile data with “Join”. witch obviously handles the deep sleep better.
I could live with high battery usage of Bluetooth, but incapable apps like WiiWatch 2 and WatchDroid are driving me crazy but this is another topic.

Watchdroid is fantastic . Read this

I have never had serious bluetooth battery drain with this


The watch has two versions of BT connection.
WiiWatch and WatchDroid use the low power BLE connectivity.

Pairing with a phone can cause power drain and this is why WiiWatch uses the scan QR code method - to make sure low power BT connection is used.


Thanks, thanks makes sense.
The only question then remains: should the Watch stay unpaired for BLE?
When I scan QR code it requests pairing on the watch and on the phone.
The pure BLE Device usually do not appear in the paired list on my smartphone.
Reading old Topics,I found one about problem with transferring files over BLE. Does it mean that having this option working in WiiWatch2, indicates a non-BLE connection?

Thanks in advance.

If i remember rightly when you connect with wiiwatch you DO NOT pair using the traditional way like you would any other device . You use the qr code as described by @pablo11 . Thanks

Yep, As @Dr_Andy_Vishnu says it’s a different relationship.

WiiWatch can swap between BLE and regular high power connections because of this special relationship.

So file transfer works for WiiWatch as it can negotiate transmission protocol.

This is possible by using the connection method that WiiWatch uses to bypass all the intense security settings that started from Android 6 onwards. The QR scan creates a trust relationship that is normally unavailable.

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