Generell help needed (Newbis question to android watch)

Hi friends,
using an android watch (“Genesis- Kronos Blade”)
I have two questions
How can i disable the sound while taking a photo?

I am using goolge calendar
How can i see up that i receive the notification from the calendar (viewing it with a vibraton notification directly on the watch…like on the smartphone)

Thank you

To answer your first question: swipe to the quick settings and choose silent mode.
The 2nd question: well, I haven’t tested the google calendar. But it should work if you disable this app in the battery saver and approve notifications.

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If you are rooted, it can be done without muting the entire device:
Rename / remove the two “shutter” sounds in /system/media/audio/ui/

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I have another question
I am not able to send SMS…
I am using a twin sim in my watch
The sms will not be send out (the receiver does not get them)
Once a wrote a SMS to my mobile number, i receive the sms to my smartphone but not one the watch.
Is there something to adjust?

I have heard of this issue before . You need to speak to your service provider about compatibilty . You may have to input some settings manually . Thanks

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I have a twin sim also and when i use the watch sim, i have to deactivate (power off or put it in flight mode) the phone sim and vice versa…Or else i will have the problems you described. I use a local mobile provider here in Greece…Maybe in your country it’s different.

Twin SIMs are not a common practice in the US, since providers want to bleed you dry. That said, you are describing what typically happens when the APN is not properly configured with a single SIM.

In many cases, the APN is already present for “known” providers, but some will have to be loaded to the device. With a duplicate SIM and an uncommon device, that is usually done manually.

Assuming all of these watches use the same base, it would be located in:
Settings -> Connect -> Cellular networks -> Access Point Names

If your provider has the settings on their webpage or support forum, you may want to compare them to the ones on your watch. It may save you a long wait on hold or a trip.


So …
After you comment i was googling a little bit
German Telekom does not allow to send SMS with both cards
WhatsApp does also not allow to use the mobile number twice
Thanks for you help

If your mobile is nearby, you can use watchdroid. Otherwise there is an app called m2d that could solve your problem. It’s a 3-part solution, you’ll find it in the playstore.

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Google Voice may be an option. It still assumes that one number is one device, but the virtual number can sync across multiple devices and there are options to have a device use the carrier, instead of data or wifi. It is a shame about WhatsApp. If that actually allowed multiple devices, it would be ideal.

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Hi have just searched for it
What i have found in “PlayStore” is called “Google Assistant”
I think this is the same

Not usable in Germany

Here is the solution for your problem:Ok google

Thanks a lot for the link
One question (before going to install it all)
Can i send TextMessages with “Ok Google”


That’s Google Assistant. If you are looking for Google Voice, it’s

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GoogleVoice is “only” in US available
But i am located in Germany

It’s Google assistant. The way to make it work is the same. It will work if you deinstall the google updates. It is described in the post I linked you.

I think you are confusing the two apps.

You can use voice recognition to send a text message with a voice command, but only if you have service on the device. Google Assistant has voice recognition.

You can use a virtual number to send a text message on devices that do not have service using WiFi or data. Google Voice is virtual number service.

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Ah ok. Thanks for the clarification. :+1:

Thanks for the answer

In my case i am lost, right?
Because of my 2nd Sim i do not have a service and google voice is “only” in US (i am from germany)