General FAQs

Where’s the companion app?
The Apple companion app can be found HERE
The Android companion app can be found HERE

Can I accept OTAs if rooted?
Not a good idea as you will most likely brick your watch

Can I accept OTAs with TWRP installed?
Not a good idea as you will most likely brick your watch

Can I use those faces from the D5 and X5 watches?
No, the face engine is completely different

Can I install Android Wear faces?


What about the Android Wear app?


Can I use the watch in Always On mode?
No. In testing, the best you would get would be 3-4hrs with a minimalist face, in airplane mode

How do I make custom faces?
Look Here

How do I install custom faces?
Install the watchface apk found in our Custom Faces section or the G+ Community

How do I flash firmware?
Check here    /thread/51/smartwatch-ticks-video-guides-flashing

Can I use it as a speaker/mic for my phone?
No, the firmware does not support it. This means apps won’t help either

Can I reply to texts when using it as a companion?
No, it not supported

Can I read and reply to emails when using it as a companion?
No, it’s not supported. A workaround is to install an email app on the watch and use BT Tethering

Where’s the remote camera feature?
Never came with one. There are a couple apps that sort of work but have display formatting issues.

How long does the battery last?
Depends on how it’s used and how heavy your use is. As a companion up to four days is possible. As a standalone up to two days possible.

Does it work with my carrier?
The device supports 2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 and 3G 850 / 2100. Check with your carrier to see if they support those frequencies and if you have coverage in your area.

For the U.S.
AT&T 3G 850MHz coverage is fairly limited, so check with AT&T to make sure you are in a 3G 850MHz area. T-Mo users in the U.S will not get 3G service. AT&T and T-Mobile will be* stopping 2G service in the U.S.*. AT&T will be stopping 2G service in 2016. T-Mobile has not announce a time frame and just say “soon”.

Why can’t I get a working cellular connection?
Usually it’s because the APN is wrong. (i’ll finish this answer later)

Can I use a third party app like Google Fit for heart rate readings?
No, the device appears to not support third party apps reading the sensor.

Can I replace the strap?
No, the antennas are in the strap.

Can I replace the battery?
For the average person *No.

Can I sync my steps and heart rate data with my phone like the marketing says I can?
At this time there has been no answer to this from any manufacturer and no method has been found

How come the voice input on the stock keyboard doesn’t work?
Unlike most Android voice input methods, the stock keyboard requires you press and hold the mic icon for it to work

Why won’t the weather app update?
The weather app requires that WiFi be on. Not connected to anything, just turned on.

How come I’m not getting these OTAs folks are talking about?
The OTA service and server seems to have some serious issues. The recommendation is to wait til a full flashable version is released.

Can I use “OK Google” to wake the watch and ask it a question?
No. OK Google support is very limited, even with third party apps like OpenMic+.

Can I have the display always on like Wear?

That capability is not supported.

How do I change from Celsius to Fahrenheit?
You can’t. Celsius appears to be hard coded, there is no reference for Fahrenheit to be found anywhere.

Zoom In/Out
Double-click then hold the second click and move your finger up (zoom out) or down (zoom in).