Gaofit update 1.4.4 --> 1.5.0

I’ve just noticed Gaofit has been updated and this include new WhatsApp notifications alerts, it’s a good news but I don’t know if there’s more news that hasn’t been discovered yet…

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The most important news about Gaofit is that it is a security risk and any user should NOT sign into it.


What app would you use with the optimus 2

For notifications from your Android smartphone, I recommend watchdroid. I use it on my Optimus pro, also.

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Thank you for your response and your time it is truly appreciated.

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If you have sim in the watch Bridge is an excellent choice.

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I’ve discovered some minor bugs on the app (at least UNDER Android 9):

Smartwatch used: Lemfo LEMP (two different watches to discard hardware/firmware problems)
Android versions tested: 8 (one cellphone) and 9 (two identical cellphones)

On the smartwatch:

  1. Go to Assistant → Remote capture
    On Android 8 works on any situation.
    On Android 9 works only if Gaofit App is open.
    Not tested yet on later Android versions.

  2. Go to Assistant → Music Control
    On Android 8 the volume down button works OK.
    On Android 9 the volume down button doesn’t works OK.
    Not tested yet on later Android versions.

Just when I think Gaofit can’t surprise me anymore, they have just released the 1.5.0 version, wich is greatly renewed.

What do you think about it???

It seems this guys have just started to hear opinions from people and they’re making major upgrades to a new level…

Edit: by the way, they’ve fixed both bugs I’ve just mentioned on the message above :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like it.
We know the company who is making this app.
It is our friends in China, Wiitee.
They also make the solutions for these watches and we work closely with them.

With no disrespect to them, we have to make people aware of a few things.

You need to sign up for a cloud account which is based in Hong Kong or China cloud provider to use this app.
This is because it has to store analytical data to be able to give you the results it provides.
Strangely, the privacy statement claims that no data is collected, but I hope people understand that the app could not function if this was true.
The data you store in this cloud when you use Gaofit, is a choice you make if you use it.
The permissions it requires on your mobile phone are extensive to say the least.
App activity
Phone calls
Device settings
To name a few…

All I can do is give everyone fair warning about the possible security risks involved if you use it.
At the same time, Wiite is a close friend of ours and their intentions are good.
We trust them and they trust us.
This is just us doing our due diligence so that you can make an informed choice.

For example, if I installed this app on my phone I would have my phone wiped by my employer - without them even needing to notifying me.
Such is the world of corporate security that we live in.

Another thing to be aware of is that un-pairing your watch using the app on your phone will immediately factory reset your watch.
So be careful :+1::handshake:


Yeah, I’m aware of the last you’ve said and because I wasn’t careful the last time I ended resetting my watch to factory settings last week ago when I disengage Gaofit from my watch while Bluetooth was on.
For the rest, they have the same behavior than Google cloud and it really doesn’t surprise me… They know everything about my life.

I understand and that’s ok for you.
But this is a public forum and we have to be careful for the sake of everyone.

Beyond this warnings you’ve mentioned, I think the app still need to keep a record of things as the history of exercise data saved on the watch (including gps tracking, to say something).
But at least we see an effort to became a better official FAWs app than it was until now.