Gaming on the LEMT

I’ve been spending sometime tonight testing games on the LEMT. I have to say some games are really nice on this little watch. Performance is really impressive. I’ve played a bit of Sonic CD, Sonic racing and Super Monkey ball, broken sword. Really great performance and battery life. If only the sound on my watch was decent This would be my favourite watch so far. (if it’s not blocked). Sorry not the best video but playing on a watch and filming with the other hand is tough. It’s times like this I am glad I backed so many humble bundle mobiles. :smiley: R-type 1 /2 and edge next on my to play list.

What are you favourite games and what would you recommend on the LEMT?

Sound doesn’t look bad on this video.

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It’s got better since I ran the water dispenser tool a fair bit that and the simtray trick worked for me. That’s what doesn’t add up. Some things sound ok and some things sound awful. I did wonder if it was a weird bit rate issue or something. If you have the volume quite low the games sound ok. Calls, video and any type of music sound pretty awful. Here’s more games :smiley: :slight_smile: Maybe because my eyes are broken my ears are more sensitive. Plus the LEMX sounds 100 percent better on everything and doesn’t sound over modulated all the time. Could just be a compromise on the LEMT. Gaming gets a thumbs up from me though. Edge is a particularly enjoyable game on the watch. Hope we get a tweaked OS soon and some new watch faces. Plus there’s a bug in clockskin that leaves residue on the app select screen.

Take off the four screws of the lem T. Remove the rubber cover covering the speaker port. Your sound will be amazing. Did it to mine and it’s totally worth it. I’m planning on buying some waterproof wire mesh to replace it with like most Android phones have over there speaker ports. But until then it’s worth taking it off. It’s just a rubber film like substance that covers the speaker port entirely. It’s what causes all the bad vibrations and bad sounds

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As for games, my cousins played pubg on my watch. We’ve hooked up Xbox one controllers to it. Pretty sick. Aerofly plays on max settings as well as most games. Real racing 3 is good. Just search the apks online with the word mod and you will find the games that have all cars and all planes unlocked. Sure you know this but just checking.

Just to be clear where can we get the waterproof mesh that you mentioned? Im planning to get the Tic version of the Lem T (another brand but same manufacturer)

Thanks for the info about improving sound. I’m a little nervous opening up the watch as I’m registered blind (visually impaired). Would love to try this though so any additional help, (photo’s etc) would be much appreciated. Especially if it makes that much of a difference… Such a great community.

Ok I asked a friend to help. It’s def an improvement on the sound. Still no LEMX though in my opinion.

\Sorry to bump an old thread, but which offline games are best for this watch?