G+ Dead Hi Guys The G+ have date and time for died,

G+ Dead

Hi Guys
The G+ have date and time for died, whats is other options for us?

We are working on a solution. Please be patient.

Did it dieded?

@Linhares every option costs money. They are looking into what would be the most cost effective, while still keeping as many of the features we enjoy available on the new platform. @Louis_Peek Currently, the deadline set by Google is somewhere in April. Apparently, Hangouts and possibly a few other services will also be terminated as well.

I was iust kidding. (“dieded”) :smiley: Thank you for the information. Maybe you guys could make your own website. There are a few free services out there if I’m not mistaken.

Ha ha, don’t worry.
We will be ready to open the new domain very soon.
It will still have all of this content but we will be converging our 3 services under the new domain.
So the Square watch community and this one and the support forum will be under one umbrella. Full android watches of all types will be supported.
Announcement will be made as soon as its ready.

Most excellentL

I wouldn’t mind trying some square designs. I just won’t have a square watch to test them on. I only plan on getting 2-3 watches total. The AllCall W1, the Kospet Hope, if I’m chosen, and round it off with the TicWatch Pro. That way I can design for both platforms and be able to test them. I like the round a little better than the square. Just looks more natural. Doesn’t mean I can’t design for square, though. I noticed that if you invert the tic marks in WFD, the outside becomes square while the inside stays round. Could have fun with that.