Full Android Watch with Amoled Display

Hello, is there a new Full Android Smartwatch with amoled display on the Market ?

No, sorry. These watches are no longer produced.

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Kinda’ sucks. I liked the color contrast of AMOLED.


This new smartwatch is AMOLED:

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@Teebow Can you get Google Assistant running on this model?

I think with the 3GB+32GB model it should be possible but I can’t say because I don’t have this watch.

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Thx @Teebow,
I think I read somewhere that you need to have more than 1GB to have google assistant working, so my understanding is 3GB\32Gb should be ok for it. :grinning:

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Google assistant is working on the Prime SE .
1GB :+1:


thanks @Dr_Andy_Vishnu ., that clears up my confusion.
I have a Prime_SE but hadn’t set up or installed google assistant … UNTIL NOW!

I’m on it! Thanks!

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Your welcome . Happy new year :+1:


For the past few years, I’ve been hoping for devices with AMOLED features to make a comeback in the market.

However, it seems that Full Android Watches themselves are now on the brink of survival.

As a long-time fan, it leaves me feeling uneasy…