Full Android Smartwatches as Activity Tracker and battery usage


I was wondering how full android watches would perform (battery-wise) if used as an activity tracker with its GPS on and tracking activities such as cycling? How many hours before the average watch would be able to perform? I’m thinking about Kospet Prime, Lemfo LEM12 (or Oukitel), Rollme S08, etc.

My intention would be to have at least the GPS on and also the activity tracking software on the watch.
Optionally I’d be interested in having:

  • automatic heart rate tracking from time to time
  • Bluetooth on for streaming of audio/music.
  • Sometimes the display on to check the time
  • No simcard, no calls, no messages, etc

I use my kospet prime for all what you require .

App with built in heart rate monitoring

Bluetooth music to earbuds while running .

Sim with data

From a full charge and running for 1hr 20mins uses 40% of battery which is pretty good


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So if I’ll use it to monitor my cycling for let’s say 6-7 hours, it won’t hold?

It will depend if you keep the screen permantly on ( the app has this function ) . With screen not always on i reckon you will be okay

6 hours gps sounds fair. But it depends on the size of the battery, not if the watch is full android or not.

Some have 450mah, others about 800 and some 1200 and more mah.

For example the newer ones such as kospet prime, lemfo lem12, rollme. I’m just contemplating between these or a Stratos for example which is not an Android.