Frozen Brick Optimus Pro

Hello All,

Woke up this morning to a 96% charged kospet optimus pro, even though the watch was on the charger all night. (first time it has not reached 100% during a charge). I found this odd, so i simply reset the watch while still on the charger cradle.

It did not restart, during reset it hung and is now either frozen or bricked as far as i can tell, as the heart rate monitor is still flashing randomly (due to the previous charge) ???

Held down the power button for 6-10 seconds to no avail. No response.

Has this happened to anyone before, any suggestions on restoring? I hope it is a simple fix or simple full discharge/recharge.

Thank you all in advance.

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Please try connecting your watch to your computer and press and hold the powerbutton.

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I plugged it into my laptop via the cable and set it on the cradle, the usb is registering and i can hear the connection but it disconnects immediately after and i hear the disconnection sound also.

it then repeats this process every 25 - 40 seconds.

pressing and holding the power button unfortunately didn’t work.

Flashing the Firmware should work. But there is one thing you could try before: Wait for your watch to go out because the battery is dead. Then charge it and then try to start again.

i will attempt the full discharge first

thank you for helping

You are welcome, mate. Let me know if it’s working. Otherwise flashing the Firmware will work.


And if you do decide to flash the firmware use this tutorial .



from what you described it looks like it suffered the same sudden death like mine did. the screen of mine went black and although I could hear the connect/disconnect sound when plugged/unplugged to the PC, it woldnt do anything else.
I think mine got in to a reboot loop of a sort, as i could feel it got a bit warm end empty for power after a while, but I couldn’t say for sure as the screen was all black.
I took all the steps the good people of this forum suggested and now are suggesting to you.
nothing helped.

anyway, if you succeed to fix your watch please let me know how, although my Optimus Pro is now resting on a garbage site somewhere far away I’d really like to know.

good luck


UPDATE: I left the watch to discharge completely over 72 hours, and i am happy to report that it is back in working order (no flash needed), i did not plug it into the laptop but instead a wall outlet. cleaned the charging pins again with isopropyl alcohol.(must do) first it did nothing at all for a few hours, then it came to life with the red battery on screen and stayed like this for a couple hours,(thought it was still bricked since it took so long) then finally after a few hours it changed over to the blue battery and held a charge.

thanks to all for continued support

*NOTE TO COMMUNITY: Avoid a restart of your watch while on the charger.