From Mr Ticks - thanks mate

From Mr Ticks - thanks mate

ha ha - it’s a long trek from that weird “Up North” place where you live @tim_Collins

@tim_Collins what is the question? Sorry I have not been through the comments yet

@tim_Collins seem to be doing pretty well so far lol

Ive had this watch for a day so far and I love it except for the fact it doesn’t wake upon wrist flip :frowning: was hoping for a firmware update but it states mine is the latest one.

@clotho2k have you checked the option in power saving options? This is the new firmware here - depending on what you have already installed. Latest is 20170718 from here

Apparently there is an option listed with the WiFi and usb quick controls that I didn’t have enabled. I assumed it was for turning off the screen by covering it with your hand but it is in fact for the wake by gesture function! I freaking love this watch now! Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

@clotho2k cool, glad you are ok now :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thank you for the help :slight_smile: