Free Satellite Internet + solar power 🤩

I know this sounds a bit , just a bit futuristic, but obviously achievable in the future,
But imagine, when this day comes, anyone can talk to Google to get unrestricted information just by raising his or her hand :clap: :ok_hand:, and speak to the little super Android - Kospet Optimus 2 ,- with free satellite wifi across the globe, with unlimited power from sun,

I wonder what you want to tell me with this post…


Isn’t this a beautiful future?

I think its going to be one of them days :grin:


What do you mean by " them days,"

a bad day when things do not happen as you would like them to:

I forgot to call her again - it’s just been one of those days.

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Nice try Andy (Well not really! :rofl:) But I have been working on a simpler explanation and I’ll put in it this post so you can learn from it as well…No! Don’t thank me! I am just a universal NICE guy! Cheers, Doons

Ah @Brian_Jang "What do you mean by “Them Days” Now that , my Friend is a very good question indeed…so let me see if I can explain it as simply as possible.
Now most of us have “Normal” days (Myself excepted of course! :woozy_face:) and some of the lucky ones have “Good days” and some of the not so lucky ones have “Bad days” but all of us try to avoid at all costs having one of “Them days”
It is rather hard to explain just exactly what a “Them Days” is like, unless you have personally experienced one of “Them Days” Probably best to sum it up by saying that @Dr_Andy_Vishnu (Being a Moderator and all) seems to have quite a lot of “Them days” (Especially since I joined the Forum! :crazy_face: :rofl: ) So best just to pity the poor Devil and let it pass mate! Cheers, “Ut oh, it’s gonna be one of THOSE days”! :rofl: Doons

“Them Days” My friend is simply a harmless expression, similar to that waffle of an explanation above! All in fun mate! Cheers, Doons


Couldnt have said it better myself :grin:


Bad days = “them days” is when people can Speak to Google and get credible information whatever they want just by raising their wrist VIA StarLink and Solar power?