Fossil Floating Gears

Hi Guys, I just picked this Fossil watch up on Ebay and I thought some of you might like a look at it. It was made in 1990 and it has various gears & watch parts “Floating” in a liquid above the actual watch face…they can move anywhere within the confines of the face…making it look like the watch is falling apart. These “Floating” items are not part of the actual watch mechanism. Anyway I thought some of you might find it interesting. Cheers,

P.S. If anyone wants to have a shot at making this, feel free! I imagine it would have to be a Universal Launcher face?

Credit: Men's Watches: Shop Watches, Watch Collection for Men - Fossil


God bless you for that Thumbs up @Eric_Crochemore ! :+1: :+1: :rofl: I am glad I put you in the first row of the Billy cart race now! :crazy_face: Say Eric, just out of interest…could you use Universal Launcher to make a face like this where watch bits & pieces move around the face…over the top of the operational face? Cheers, Doons

I’m sure it can be done with usual clockskin format by our very creative members.


Hi Eric, Thanks for that mate! :+1: :+1: It is such an unusual looking watch that I just wondered if it would possible to duplicate it for an Android face. Cheers, Doons

P.S. By the way guys I am NOT asking anyone to make this face…after getting the Longines faces I think it only fair that other members get to make requests…I merely wanted to share an unusual looking watch with you guys! Cheers, Doons

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