Force app to smaller resolution

Hi, new member here.

I preodered the IQI I4 Air from bangood and just received it yesterday. It is my first smart watch and so far it feels good. 

So far the battery life has been decent without simcard , at the end of the life with still 10-15% juice left in it.

Since i’m new to this smart watch thing, some applications are annoying me which have menus to the far side in corners, they get hidden and no way to access it.

Just for example, i wanted to try out the so i installed whatsapp and wanted to try the web whatsapp feature, so when i tried to navigate to the menu button , i can’t see it because it’s normally hidden far in the right side.

Is there any way that i can scale the app resolution down so , it’s visible in the screen. The same problem i’m facing in playstore, but not that bad.

Oct 12, 2017 16:32:58 GMT 1 pusparaj said:

do you mean that you do'nt see even when you use square display of the app? do you know that you can change the display from round to square when needed? what is weird that even with round display i still am able to access the hidden buttons, but where i can't i use the square display. do'nt play with resolution if you do'nt know how. 

about the color of the writing on the display that sometimes it is in the same color of the background a solution was given here just do’nt remember where:)

Yes i mean that the settings option is on the far right side of the app, it is not visible on the round face of the watch.
How can i change the app to square ? There is only App Adaption toggle in the display settings.

Sorry for my bad english, if it is difficult to understand.

Oct 12, 2017 17:05:25 GMT 1 pusparaj said:

i do'nt have the same watch but i think with long press on the turn off the watch should give you the option.

yes thank found it there.