For those of you who were waiting for the KW88 with the new bands

For those of you who were waiting for the KW88 with the new bands for the US, I received mine yesterday and it works fine with my Freedompop sim. The firmware build version seems to be different than everyone else at this point.

My KW88 is FW 3.10.72 Dated Jul 19 (received today)
I’ve seen another FW 3.10.72+ dated 30 july.
Very strange firmware housekeeping.

@Kenneth_Tan ​ We have the exact same version. I wonder what improvements are there on 3.10.72+

850 band has been added

Real US band, 1900 is not available yet.

I am just guessing, but my baseband was updated as well so probably just a new build that is compatible with the US carriers. I am hoping there will be a unifying OTA update in the near future

My wireless update does not show most recent firmware after factory reset my device
Only cycle indicator without any information

There is no OTA for KW88 at the moment. It is off until new release is ready.

Question , please. I can see 3G in connection status but is just doesn’t have I connection. By the way my APN shows no freedom pop. Did you manage to change APN?

If you have a look in the forum there is an app I posted a link to which allows you to add your APN to the config file

Do you mean flashing the firmware you shared that has 850 band?

No - I mean an app that allows you to attach the watch to the pc and then as a file browser you can edit apn files. Did you miss it ?

Found it, will try. Does it need root?Do we have root?Thanks.

did you try it? As far as we know from the guy who recommended it to us, you can edit the APN config file without root.

Just tried, it can read/download but not write/upload/deletw. Will flash the room to try.

Stumbled on this tool from China and it works to root KW88, http://apn-config.xml modified to add freedompop, http://telephony.db deleted, restarted and still cannot connect to 3G data, although it got 3G signal in the status.

@Paul_Levy ​ Can you give some advice on how to modify the APN?

My screen blacked out after flashing and root, and have to return and rebuy from Amazon. Can’t be sure which sis the bad. Be careful.

how did you root it ? This is the likely cause

Just follow the program, it is a one click root. I am not sure about the reason because everything is fine after rooting and several restarting. And this watch blacked out once before rooting or flashing, the screen flashed several times and finally made it to start. So it could also be a hardware defect.